General Information is a constantly evolving central store of medical history and physical documentation templates.  The resources contained on this website have been developed by medical professionals for medical professionals.  We know there is no "right" way to document notes and consequently we will work to provide template variations focussing on the same complaint.  Due to this difference in preference among professionals, each template is uploaded in a format that can be customized once downloaded. also allows users to share their own templates for potential upload.  


What are the advantages?

  • Save time by only having to write individual patient information without the filler and formatting;

  • Promotes more uniform documentation, increases readability, and improves efficiency;

  • Use the templates as a guide to help prompt questions on history and physical exam components.


How can I use this in practice?

  • Save the customizeable templates to your computer, dropbox, or email;

  • Copy/paste templates into your EMR free-text field;

  • Fill-in and print-off to use as progress notes;

  • Customize the templates and add them to your dictation software;

  • Study or print-off a template before seeing a patient to help guide interaction;

  • Upload your own to share with colleagues .


What if I can't find a template that's right for me?

  • Each template on this site is fully customizable and consequently you can modify them for your personal preferences.

  • If you have a different version of a template or a completely new template that you think would be useful to other medical professionals, send it to us via the upload files tab so that it can be shared (and you will be acknowledged).



The templates contained on this site are designed to be used as an additional tool to help the process of medical documentation.  These templates should not be used alone to guide history-taking and physical exams and this website assumes no responsibility for medical outcomes or missed information.

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